Special loads

of our strengths

We carry all kinds of special cargoes

A load that is too bulky and heavy exceeds the dimensions and maximum capacities of a standard container. Do you need to ship a 350 ton tugboat, a 46 meter crane jib or a 17 meter propeller? No problem. With our skills and equipment we will always be able to deliver your goods.

We offer customized and efficient solutions for the shipment of your in gauge, oversized and bulk cargo.

Loading in gauge

  • Cargo dimensions are less than or equal to that of the platform or container with an open roof (special equipment required but no additional snow clearance).
  • Examples of in-gauge loads (which meet standard container dimensions): machinery or large trees that can be accommodated inside open-roofed containers.
  • If you need to ship in gauge loads, you can book your freight service in minutes.

Out of gauge load

  • The dimensions of the cargo exceed the standard dimensions of the platform or open roof container, but can still be unitized inside containers.
  • Examples of oversized loads: propellers, truck flanges.

Bulk cargo

  • Load that considerably exceeds the dimensions and / or weight of a standard container and, for this reason, treated as a non-unitized load, usually positioned on special platforms with numerous fixing points.
  • Examples of frequent bulk cargoes: yachts, masts, industrial machinery or train cars.


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